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The Benefits of Physical Therapy For Seniors

Physical Therapy Has Been Proven Effective For Relieving Pain

Don’t allow chronic pain to deteriorate your quality of life or lead to reliance on pain medication such as opioids. Even with the most gentle movements, therapists can achieve lasting results through these techniques :

  • Manual Therapy: Massage can increase circulation and relieve pain; mobilization increases flexibility; and manipulation helps realign joints to relieve pain.

  • Cold Therapy: Ice packs and potentially a cold massage can reduce swelling and inflammation.

  • Heat Therapy: Applying heat can release stiff muscles and improve circulation.

  • Hydrotherapy: Therapists apply water to increase relaxation and improve circulation.

  • Electrical Stimulation: Electrical currents can relieve pain and release stiff muscles.

  • Ultrasound: Sound waves can relax muscles and relieve spasm.

Therapy Goals

The objectives of any therapy techniques are to reduce pain, regain lost function, and increase the ability to move. Secondary goals can include increasing strength, coordination, and balance. While most professional therapists can treat patients of any age, geriatric physical therapists specialize in assisting older adults. 

They may slow down a bit and take their time while helping you walk, stretch, lift weight, or other physical activities, and every exercise will be taken any physical limitations into account. 
As well as helping strengthen you, our therapists will help you become more mobile and flexible. One of their main goals is to help you prevent falls, the leading cause of injury for seniors. Injuries from a fall can leave you disabled, possibly so seriously that you can no longer live independently. In addition, people who have had one fall are statistically twice as likely to experience another fall. In-home physical therapy is beneficial for anyone recovering from a fall or illness. In addition to providing relief, our therapists will evaluate your home for potential safety issues and recommend changes. 

Letter From The President

As the year comes to a close, we find ourselves with many reasons to be thankful. We are beyond grateful for our employees and for those whom we visit and provide care. We wish you happy holidays and a healthy new year, and look forward to the blessings that 2023 will bring.

Happy holidays!

-Sanjay Arora, PHHC President

Aging Michigan Faces Home Health Care Worker Shortage

Michigan is 14th nationwide in the percentage of residents older than 65, and the state has tried to fill the increasing need for home health care workers by increasing wages $2/hour for state-subsidized home care workers. But pay is only part of the issue, with ongoing concerns about COVID-19 adding further complications. Pure Home Health Care is fortunate to be able to serve the needs of our clients, but we are always looking for talented people to join our team.

CMS Reverses Decision on Cuts, Approves Minor Increase

Te U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released its 2023 home health final payment rule in late October. It comes with an estimated increase in home health payments of 0.7%, or $125 million, compared to 2022 aggregate payments. The agency had initially proposed a 4.2% decrease, which would have been the deepest cuts in years. However, CMS is still planning other cuts and permanent adjustments related to rebalancing the Patient-Driven Groupings Model.


With theational expansion of value-based purchasing in home health care at the beginning of 2022, outcomes for patients and providers are already improving. Value-based programs offer providers payments that incentivize the quality of care provided instead of basing the reward off the number of people served. Improving a patient’s health outcomes relative to the cost of care is beneficial across the healthcare system.

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