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Fit And Go

Fit And Go

Physician’s Customized Orthopedic Home Care Protocol

Orthopedic surgery can drastically improve a patient’s quality of life. Pure Home Health Care can assist pre-surgery and post-surgery, bringing comfort and confidence to the patients in the comfort of their home. We follow all protocols that the orthopedic physician has put in place to ensure optimum healing and a return to a more active lifestyle with confidence.

Before accepting any new post-orthopedic surgery client, Pure Home Health Care engages with the physician/surgeon and customizes their protocol for home care services.

Pre Surgery

Many surgeons prefer pre-surgical strengthening programs to implement a self exercise program with a goal of strength improvement pre-surgery. This also increases compliance with post-surgical exercise programs and decreases healing times. Patients feel more confident going into surgery knowing that the therapist they saw pre-surgery will be back post-surgery to assist and guide them through physician-approved programs and protocols.

Post Surgery

Pure Home Health Care’s nurse visits the patient within 24 hours of discharge from the hospital. The nurse may assess the following:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of the surgical site.

  • Suture/staples evaluations and will educate on self-wound care according to physician’s protocols.

  • Establish lines of communication between the patient, the physician/surgeon, and the Pure Home Health Care staff.

  • Education and management with Pure Home Health Care’s unique Anticoagulation Program. The nurse can check their Coumadin PT/INR levels using a state of the art machine that is done by the bedside. The results are instant and the nurse is able to discuss the plan of care with the physician in real-time.

The Environment/Home Modification is an important component during a speedy recovery program and the following aspects are covered:

  • Re-arranging the furniture to provide maximum ease & safety during transfers and ambulation.

  • Our clinicians will assess for risk factors and barriers to reaching highest potential of recovery, while keeping safety at the forefront.

  • Established orthopedic clinical pathway.

  • Compliance with consensus-based national standards

  • Physician’s customized protocols.

  • Effective and consistent use of appropriate evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for joint replacement and orthopedic surgery.

  • Analysis of at least four performance measures specific to joints or orthopedic surgical condition. These measures may range from pain, Dyspnea (shortness of breath), ADL’s including dressing and bathing, transfers, gait training, balance, and range of motion.

Pure Home Health Care has highly trained clinical staff that utilizes Pure’s unique Fit and Go Program to optimize the following:

  • Muscle strengthening, gait training, balance training, ADL improvement.

  • Setting up a home exercise program.

  • Assessment of surgical dressings.

  • Proper positioning of the operative site to reduce swelling and pain.

  • Appropriate activities.

  • Activities restrictions including the weight bearings.

  • Safety instructions & precautions.

  • Pain control.

  • Understanding and noting physician/surgeon’s appointment days, as Pure Home Health Care’s therapists coordinate and communicate with the surgeon before the patient’s appointment with the surgeon.

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