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Loving Hearts Program

The Loving Hearts program is designed to assist patients in being proactive with their cardiovascular care. This program is to educate and strengthen those patients who have undergone any cardiovascular trauma and assist in ensuring proper education & rehabilitation. This Loving Hearts program encompasses all aspects of holistic care and reduces the need for re-hospitalization. Nurses and Physical Therapists working in coordination with the physician, to ensure that patients are educated on medications and increased physical endurance to return to a normal active daily life. Heart health is important and Pure Home Health Care understands.

How the Loving Hearts Program works:

  • A highly trained nurse evaluates the patient and requests any additional services, i.e. physical and/or occupational therapy. The nurse will provide comprehensive education on symptoms for self-regulation as well as fluid intake to the patient and the caregiver(s).

  • The Loving Hearts Program provides comprehensive medication management by using a detailed assessment in association with the referring physician’s care plan, whereby polypharmacy and medication interactions are avoided. Education will be provided for the patient on reading food labels, daily body weight checks, and dietary restrictions.

  • Information on activities of daily living and modifications of the home environment for better mobility will be provided by the occupational therapists. Physical therapists will assist with balance, gait, and transfers with the emphasis being on fall prevention.

  • Respiratory assessments will be performed by the nurse to rule out oxygen deprivation (day or night) and obstructive sleep apnea. Should the physician order oxygen, Pure Home Health Care can facilitate that with an approved medical equipment company.

  • Pure Home Health Care assists with securing medical equipment, i.e. mobility devices, elevating beds, etc.

  • With an emphasis on hospitalization prevention, infusion care (saline or IV Lasix) can be provided.


  • The Zoe® Fluid Status Monitor can be utilized by the nurses and is a quick and easy method to determine whether patients are experiencing dehydration or fluid congestion. It gives an early warning in case congestive heart failure symptoms are worsening to the nurse. Pure Home Health Care nurses have this state-of-the-art tool available for use.

  • The pulse oximeter checks blood oxygen levels and fits comfortably over the patient’s finger, providing indications on lung and heart health.

  • The Pure Home Health Care team will assist patients to increase their activity and endurance after heart surgery, or any acute heart condition, and can call in physical or occupational therapy as needed.

  • Nutritional education emphasizing the healthy heart diet and lowering salt intake will be provided by Pure Home Health Care’s trained nurses.

“A healthy heart is the essence of a healthy being”. Pure Home Health Care takes care of the most powerful organ in the human body with tender loving care and the latest technologies. Our program empowers patients to live anew with vigor and vitality.

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