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Safety is Everyone’s Goal....

Transitioning from home or hospital to an Assisted Living - this program is designed to encompass the patient with qualitative care of the highest order. The patient-centric approach is team focused with the resident, loved ones, Assisted Living Team, and the Physician coming together to achieve the desired outcomes. We work together to promote wellness, harmony, and safety.

Transitioning to Assisted Living is a difficult process for both the resident and their family on so many levels. Be it emotional, physical or financial, Pure Home Health Care is here to assist and guide through this challenging time. Working in tandem with the Assisted Living team, Pure Home Health Care assists the resident and the family in making the change and adjusting to the new environment in the best way possible.

Medication Reconciliation

The State of Michigan and Medicare cite improper medication reconciliation as one of the main causes of resident health decline, hospitalizations, and falls.

Our compassionate nursing staff will work closely with the doctor and the resident with respect to the assessment, monitoring, treating, and communication of medication being added, increased, decreased or changed. Side effects of the medication are explained to the assisted living staff.

Role of a Physical Therapist

The role played by physical therapists is critical in the overall well being of the resident. They work to improve mobility, reduce pain, Increase safety awareness and physical movement.

  • Diagnosis of issues/dysfunction and developing a plan on increasing the resident’s safety.

  • Comprehensive safety audit of the immediate environment.

  • Gait and balance evaluation.

Role of a Nurse

  • Comprehensive health evaluation with a focus on an optimal diet, urinary and bowel health.

  • Evaluation and documentation of prescription and over-the-counter medications.

  • Providing teaching and training to the assisted living staff.

How Can Our Transitions Program Help?

  • Increasing resident safety.

  • Medication Reconciliation and reducing polypharmacy.

  • Detailed briefing to the assisted living staff and family members/relatives.

  • Assess the well-being of the patient and assist with the emotional aspect of leaving one’s home and transitioning to an alternate living setting.

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