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Knowledge Is Key!

Knowledge Is Key!

Our Knowledge is Key! program significantly reduces the need for hospitalization of homebound patients, under the care of a physician.

Pure Home Health Care understands that knowledge empowers, thus improving well-being and reducing hospitalizations. Our aim is to provide as much good education as possible to not only our patients but also to their caregivers. Once empowered, caregivers are even better equipped to help the residents.

Caregiver burnout is a real thing – and we at Pure Home Health Care can help prevent that by helping caregivers in upgrading their skills, thus making them more in control of the day to day difficult situations they might find themselves to be in, due to perhaps lack of adequate understanding of the resident’s medical condition. Our Nurses and Therapists are on standby to help them navigate this journey.

Pure Home Health Care can provide teachings/in-services to the caregivers at Assisted Living Facilities. Some of the in-services we can help with are below, the list is not exhaustive and we can help develop programs to suit the needs of Assisted Living staff:

  • Hydration

  • Urinary Tract Infections

  • Parkinson’s Care

  • Dementia Care

  • Balance and Falls

  • Diabetic Care

  • Transfer Training

  • Understanding Depression

We are also committed to teaching caregivers in facilities CPR to ensure everyone has the power to SAVE A LIFE.

Pure Home Health Care encourages facilities to organize in-services throughout the whole year and recommends management & evaluation programs such as Fall Prevention, Skin Integrity, CHF, Heart Conditions, and Medication Administration & Behavioral Problems. Education is also provided regarding the full scope of Pure Home Health Care’s services.

Our Knowledge is Key! Program was created to address the increasing Medicare costs on geriatric hospital admissions.

Contributing Factors:

  • Aging American Population

  • New Treatment Options

  • Skilled Workforce Shortage

  • Reduction in Availability of Caregivers: Family & Community

Proactive Management:

  • Increased Quality Outcomes

  • Individualized Care Programs

  • Self - Management Education

  • Training Caregivers

  • Prevention Programs

  • Education: Owners & Caregivers

  • Specialized Equipment

  • Management & Evaluation

  • Creative Custom Programs

  • Provider Link Web Portal

  • Medical Liaison

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