Patient Testimonials


I am grateful to my physical therapist for getting me stronger and steadier on my feet so I can get back to golfing!

August B.

Now that my therapist has gotten me stronger and walking better, I can walk to my mailbox and get my own mail!

Ernestine M.

We have partnered with Pure Home for several years. Our son Mitchell has Batten Disease and as a result has had to be hospitalized many times. Each discharge we request that Pure Home be assigned his case to monitor him at home. Specifically Lori, his 'favorite nurse.' She is truly an amazing, caring person. She shows such compassion and always, always goes above and beyond what one would expect, but yet want, for their child. We have also had other home visits with staff outside of nursing through the years; i.e., PT and OT evals. Pure Home truly cares for the clients they are entrusted with and it shows in the quality of team members they employ and level of care they provide.

Mitchell's Mother

It's terrific! Saves me a lot of worry. I have a phone number to call if I have a problem. It takes a lot off my mind.

William C.

Very happy with the care that is given to me. I wish that Tammi could come all the time. She is kind and good to talk to. Home care has helped alot, don't know what I would have done without it.

Joseph W.

Employee Testimonials


We are consistently chosen over other agencies because we give more personalized care. When a patient needs more personable care we are the agency that is chosen.

Kristi Holm LPN, Patient Care Coordinator

Pure Home Health Care is different because we go above and beyond. Whether it is with our top quality medical supplies, to just check-in calls for more at risk patients- we do whatever we can to help the patient recover fast and efficiently. We believe knowledge is power and like to bring that to the patients and caregivers. Overall we put the patients best interest first, and that is what makes us different.

Alyse Solomon, Patient Care Coordinator

Our 5-Star rating separates us from most other agencies — proving that we have an outstanding and dedicated team that pays close attention to quality to produce exceptional patient outcomes! We also have an outstanding wound care program with a certified wound care nurse!

Theresa Stephens RN HCS-D HCS-O, Administrator / DON


When you hold yourself accountable to your patients, their families, and your coworkers, doing the right thing becomes second nature. At PHHC, we believe that accountability

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is at the heart of both personal integrity and professional development. Our team treats every patient and their family with dignity and compassion, regardless of race, religion, political belief, economic, or social condition. Our goal is always to promote the best possible physical and mental wellness, and to make the families we serve feel like part of our family.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to recognize the inherent value of everyone we serve, and honor them with the highest possible level of personal service and professional skill.

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We will always lean on a team approach to delivering our services, bringing a variety of nurses and therapists together to create and implement a customized care plan that takes into account a patient’s emotional and physical needs. Each daywe rededicate ourselves to improving our quality of care through learning more about both our profession and our patients.


Pure Home Health Care strives to provide comprehensive, compassionate health care to people in their residences, with the goal of improving overall health, preventing illnesses,

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and mitigating the effects of disabilities. Working within our community and alongside other community leaders, we will continue to implement community programs that make our mission a reality.


Pure Home Health Care’s nurses and therapists are achievers – they aim high for their patients and achieve measurable results. Each clinician is highly qualified - and expert in their field of service with years of experience to hone those skills.

They are trained in all types of patient settings – inpatient, outpatient, and home care. Our clinicians are certified in wound care, dementia, trauma and pain management. This plethora of experience helps Pure Home Health Care provide the best care there is to our patients.

Pure Home Health Care is the first choice of families in the communities we serve because of the superior care and services provided. Our services are informed and compassionate as well as trustworthy. This is why more families turn to us in their hour of need. Our home care services meet the highest quality standards which your loved ones and you deserve.

Our Service Areas

We are expanding our services to serve you at our best. We are located in Grand Rapids at Beltline and Lake Eastbrook Blvd SE. This gives us very easy access to all the counties we serve. We provide professional caregivers such as Skilled Nurses, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Medical Social Workers, and Home Health Aides for short and long term care, depending upon the patient's needs in their home.

We may be able to coordinate your care even if you are outside of the existing service areas.
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Reasons to Choose Pure Home Health Care

We maintain CHAP Accreditation.

We are Medicare certified.

We are uniquely qualified for wound care and wound vac.

We respond quickly to referrals – often within 24 hours.

We follow evidence-based treatment protocols.

We are geared towards changes in Medicare and other insurance policies.

Our professionals are knowledgeable, caring and passionate towards patient care.


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