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The First Step to Balance: Proprioception

Proprioception or kinesthesia is defined as the ability to sense or perceive one’s body location, movement or position. It is sometimes described as the "sixth sense". It enables you to gauge the movement of your limbs, stiffness, and heaviness. Simply put when you close your eyes and raise your arm, you should still know exactly where your arm is, even though you can’t see it. Muscles and tendons send signals to your brain about how they are stretched and bent. The brain then interprets those signals and determines where your body is.

Poor or deficit Proprioception is often responsible for falls, losing balance, and stumbling, which can result in all sorts of injuries. Proprioception is the fastest response by the body than any other senses in terms of maintaining balance and preventing falls. Ideally, when you are about to lose balance, your brain should be receiving signals from various joints and limbs to alert you and avert any problem. Fortunately, the therapists at Pure Home Health Care know how to improve your proprioception.

Elements of a Thorough Balanced Program

Proprioceptive Adaptation

Our team guides you to adapt your body to proprioception. The program prepares you with a sense of body awareness and controlling force & pressure. The goals are for you to build endurance while maintaining movement and building your balance skills.

Strength Training

A vital component of any physical exercise program is strength training. Its aims are to build body strength, endurance, bone density, and size of the skeletal muscles. Strength Training leads to better bone health & muscle mass, assists in developing better body mechanics and helps with chronic disease management leading to an overall enhancement of your quality of life.

Improvements With Quickness

Our program is designed to help you up your quality of quickness or resourcefulness through your physical and mental abilities. It is integral to the ability to explosively start, decelerate, change directions, and accelerate again quickly while maintaining body control and minimizing loss of speed.

Anodyne Therapy

The Anodyne Infrared Therapy Systems are medical devices indicated to increase circulation, reduce pain & stiffness, and muscle spasm. This cutting-edge technology uses light therapy to improve circulation in your feet. Research suggests that this therapy improves sensation in the feet and reduces the risk of fall injuries.

Falling Techniques

Our therapists impart guidance on simple steps/techniques on preventing falls, reducing the impact of potential falls as well as steps on prevention of injuries in case of falls.

Gait Training

Gait training is a component of physical therapy that deals with the act of learning how to stand or walk again after sustaining an injury or disability. Walking safely is just a matter of learning new walking habits. Gait training prepares you for reducing the possibility of future falls due to decreased mobility as well as improving your stance, walk and confidence in yourself.

Customized Home Exercise Plan

Our Physical therapy team customizes an exercise program based on your physician’s plan of care and protocols to ensure continued success and a return to an active lifestyle safely over a period of time.

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