Specialty Programs

Food, Form And Function

Food, Form And Function

Our specialty program has been created to ensure an optimal life for senior citizens. Our solutions are aimed at enhancing activities of daily life (ADL). Improvements with regard to daily tasks and the use of adaptive equipment can increase the quality of life & confidence with self-care. This all-inclusive program enables the senior citizens to lead fulfilling & enriching lives as well as regain the confidence to live their lives with independence & vigor.

Pure Home Health Care will utilize various therapy techniques, utilization of adaptive equipment, or other strategies such as sensory/tech approach, modalities (US, heat, etc.) environmental adaptations & cues.

The Nurse:

  • Educates the caregivers and the patient on optimal nourishment and hygiene. Dietician services may be requested if needed for assistance in optimal nourishment.

  • Identifies and assists potential solutions with behavior or mental concerns, such as Depression, which is one of the biggest causes of decreased appetite and hygiene.

  • Educates the caregivers and the patient on optimal physical ability.

  • Depression may mimic as Dementia or Alzheimer’s and is one of the biggest causes of functional decline. The nurse helps in differentiating and treatment of Depression and Dementia.

  • Works with the Physician in controlling the medical complications, such as Arthritis or Neurological conditions leading to decline with ADL abilities.

The Occupational/Physical/Speech Therapist:

  • Helps in ruling out Dysphagia (swallowing difficulty) as a cause of poor nourishment, difficulty in feeding, and/or weight loss.

  • Helps the Caregivers in identifying the right kind of utensils, such as divided plates, weighted silverware, need of finger foods, proper utensil placement, and need of special colors in case of low vision or low level of alertness.

  • Helps in improving strength, transfers, and balance needed to improve shower, hygiene, and toileting. Safety and body mechanics education is given. Adaptive pieces of equipment are identified and used in the treatment of the client.

We at Pure Home Health Care believe in going above and beyond the call of duty to help our communities. If our patient is unable to afford certain well-needed equipment not covered by insurance, we will help with either donating the same or working with medical companies in making the equipment affordable to the patient.

Common Types of Adaptive Equipment:

  • Adapted Utensils

  • ADL Splint

  • Bedside Commode

  • Built-Up handles

  • Button Hooks

  • Drop-Arm Bedside Commode

  • Grab Bars

  • Hand-Held Shower

  • Mobile Arm Supports

  • Non-skid Bowl

  • Plate Guard

  • Raised Toilet Seat

  • Scoop Dish

  • Shower Chair

  • Sock Aids

  • Tub Chair/Tub Bench with a Back

  • ADL Wrist Splint

  • Long Straw

  • Plus Many More!

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