Maintaining Healthy Relationships

Posted 03-05-2021 by Kristi Holm, LPN

The global pandemic has become one of the most isolating times in history, affecting seniors more than any other group.

Many seniors have quarantined due to their increased risks of contracting and dying from the Covid-19 virus. As a result, these individuals have not been able to see friends or family for nearly a year.

Maintaining healthy relationships as we age is important in preventing mental decline and in reinforcing good habits such as exercise and socializing. Therefore it is important for elders to intentionally build and maintain healthy relationships during this time.

There are many ways to maintain healthy relationships as a senior, including:

  1. Using Technology - Although it is a difficult time to see friends and family in person, there are many ways to visit with these people over technology. Regularly scheduling phone calls or even face to face interactions through video chatting sites can help seniors continue to be able to visit friends and family.
  2. Focusing on Close Friends - While reaching out to everyone you used to see on a weekly basis might be difficult. Reaching out to some of your closest friends and family and chatting with them is very helpful for maintaining meaningful relationships and maintaining mental health.
  3. Getting Counseling - Counseling can be a good way to ensure that you have someone to talk to and can be a good way to monitor mental health. Often early onset dementia can have symptoms that are difficult to catch and speaking with a therapist regularly could help to monitor these symptoms.
  4. Celebrating Significant Dates - Reaching out to friends and family on their birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays can be a good way to effectively nurture healthy relationships while in isolation, and it can also be a good reminder to reach out to certain people.
  5. Keeping Loved Ones in the Loop - Letting loved ones know what new hobbies or projects you are working on, and how you have been doing can be a good way to let people know how you have been doing and what you have been up to. This is a great way to build and maintain relationships with friends and family.

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