Meaningful Activities for Seniors

Posted 03-05-2021 by Kristi Holm, LPN

When you are young, finding meaningful activities to participate in is easy. However, when you are older, your body is less able to engage in those activities, and even basic hobbies become off limits.

Due to the reduced physical ability and diminished socialization that accompanies aging, lack of meaningful activity can have a drastic negative effect on a senior’s mental health. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways for seniors to enjoy meaningful activities in a way that is fulfilling and rewarding, even as they lose some mobility.

Taking care of a home may have been something your senior loved one did a lot of when they were younger, and allowing them to participate in those activities once more can help increase their self-worth. Try to find tasks that your loved one can accomplish around the home and modify them if necessary. Even doing something as simple as folding laundry, setting the table or helping out in the kitchen can be fulfilling and familiar for them.

Going outside is another fantastic activity for seniors to take part in. Being in nature engages all of the senses, and can reduce any feelings of isolation and loneliness. Joining your loved one on a walk through a nearby park or arboretum is a great way for them to experience the world outside your home.

Finally, never underestimate the rejuvenating power of conversation. Even something as simple as talking with your loved one can bring them joy. If they are in a good state of mind, watching old family videos or looking through photo albums together can stimulate conversation and allow you to bond with your senior over their childhood or family history.

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